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Melissa - Accent Kisses (Kisses Cosplay)

AccentKisses of Kissescosplay is a Texas-based cosplayer who started her crafting journey in 2015. Creating over 50 cosplays and earning Best Group and Best Prop Awards in multiple competitions, AccentKisses works to make every detail perfect.  She is best known for her intricate needle work and costume accuracy. As well as engineering electronics, LED's and EL tape into her costumes. Using her creative outlet and hoping to inspire her community Accentkisses puts her best into showing how fun and accepting cosplay can be for everyone.

2022-07-03 09.37.18.jpg

Award Winning Costumes

Panels Hosted:

  • Cosplay 101 - EXP con 2017

  • Level Up Your Cosplays + Props - RXT 2018

  • Cosplay Tips and Tricks - Ikkicon 2023

  • Cosplay Construction: Start To Finish - Ikkicon 2023

  • Cosplay Photography & Videography - Ikkicon 2023

  • Cosplay Judgeing & AMA - Ikkicon 2023

Guesting Appearances:

  • SWFL Spacecon  2022

  • Ikkicon 2023

  • Colossalcon Texas 2023


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