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Cortana v1

Halo 3

About this Cosplay

This cosplay has been retired.

Crafted for Omni expo 2016 and won an Award as part of Best Novice Group. Worn this version also to Megacon2016 and Dragoncon 2016. This costume took about 3 months of work. I've since remade the bodysuit.

Crafting Details:




Halo 3


Video Game

This costume I used a white zentai suit as a base and hand painted with Jacquard Lumiere (blue, teal, and white) acrylic fabric paints that I  mixed to be the correct colors. There were LEDs installed inside the suit as well. The wig  was Aphrodite- 15″ Blue Black Fusion with fiber optics installed inside it as well. 

The shoes I just bought some slip on slippers(Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats) and painted to match the suit! 

Face paint: Mehron Paradise in Bleu Bebe

Contacts: EOS Dolly Eye Blue 

Crafting Details:


Progress Images