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Sword Art Online

About this Cosplay

This cosplay has been retired.

My 2nd cosplay I created from scratch! This was made to match my sister's Asuna cosplay. Crafted in a little over one month for Shadocon 2015 and also worn to Megaconfandays 2015 and Dragoncon 2016!

I did attempt to create her wings - however this project upgrade has been abandoned

Crafting Details:




Sword Art Online



Jacket was drafted from Simplicity 1780 and Simplicity 1773

Tanktop was drafted from Burda 6925

corset was drafted from Simplicity 8129

skirt was drafted from Simplicity 6346

gloves were drafted from Vogue v7949

leggings were drafted from Mccall's M6173

Ears from m.lcos.ruler

Wig was from cosplaytailor

Contacts are Geo Angel Green

The bangles were purchased and painted gold.

The middle gem from the collar was made by Latest Nebula 

The hairpiece was hand drafted and floral wire was inserted to hold it's shape. 

The leggings/socks were sewn to pantyhose to stay up!

shoes are Qupid RELAX-70 Over the Knee Thigh High or Knee High Casual Stacked Heel Cuff Boot ZOOSHOO, Brown Oil Finish, US 5.5

Crafting Details:


Progress Images


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