Yang Xiao Long

Season 1

Cosplay created in 2016 In 1 week, this costume was apart of a group that won "Best Novice Group" At Paradise City ComicCon 2016.

Jacket drafted from base combo of Kwik Sew 3334 and 3479

Ember Celicas created by Mighty Mark Props

Wig based was a Arda Wigs Light Blonde Luthien with an fairy blonde long curly clip sewn into the neck of the wig for more volume. 

Contacts are Super Pinky Violet from Honeycolor

Belt, boots, and gloves were amazon ordered:

Shorts were  purchased. 

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Volume 4

Created in 1 week for RTX 2017. 

Trenchcoat was drafted from Burda 6800 as a base. 

Bumblebee Bike created by Mighty Mark Props

The arm sleeve was designed by me, I used screenshots to replicate a dyesub pattern which then I had it printed at Fabric On Demand. I then sewn it into a glove. 

Boots and Pants from amazon:

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Beacon Uniform

Cosplay created in 2016 in 2 weeks for Paradise City ComicCon.

Pattern for the Jacket, Shirt, vest and skirt were drafted and modified from McCalls 7141 

The Turkey gloves were originally Turkey Hats from amazon that I then modified into gloves! 

Shoes and stockings were amazon ordered:​

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Formal Ball

Created in 2017 in 1 week for the Yang 2018 Calendar. 

Used Simplicity Pattern 3823 altering very slightly. 

Petticoat is an A-Line Petticoat from English Charm.

Shoes: LOVEBEAUTY Women's Candy Color Waterproof High Heels Pump Shoes Wedding Shoes

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Volume 4

Modeled for the 2018 Yang calendar

Costume is from EZCosplay

Shoes are my regular sneakers - Brooks Ghosts. 

Wig based was a Arda Wigs Light Blonde Jeannie with an fairy blonde short wefts sewn into the bottom of the ponytail clip for more volume.  There is also a foam ball inside the top of the polytail for height. 

The arm sleeve was designed by me, I used screenshots to replicate a dyesub pattern which then I had it printed at Fabric On Demand. I then sewn it into a glove. 

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Modeled for the 2018 Yang calendar

Modified a Tanktop purchased from Amazon by painting the Yang emblem on the front with fabric paint and making the top shorter.

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Volume 2

Modeled for the 2018 Yang calendar

Costume is from Pro cosplay

Boots are from Miccostumes

Contacts were Photoshopped red for this set.

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Volume 3

Modeled for the 2018 Yang calendar. 

Shirt is from amazon: 

  • Shirt: Cestoi - Women's Junior Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt (Large, Camel)

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2018-02-18 10.29.58.jpg

Tshirt Creatures of Grimm

Casual worn after the formal ball at Katsu 2018. 

Based off promo art for the RT store merch. 


DoomFist Crossover

Created in 2018 in 1 month and 4 days for RTX 2018. 

Costume inspired from sketchylovesmc's design. 

Doomfist prop made by me based on templates by Stella Chuu

Photo by Kuf_spawn

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RWBY 3.0

Created in 2018 in 15 days for RTX 2018. 

Costume inspired from Dishwasher1910/Bach Do's design. 


Jacket was drafted from NewLook 6394

Shorts were drafted from Simplicity 1696

Wig based was a Arda Wigs Light Blonde Magnum Long with Long Wefts sewn into for the long pieces. 

Shoes are from amazon: Asgard Women's Ankle Rain Boots Waterproof Chelsea Boots

Socks were purchased.

Photo by Kevin The Director

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Virgin Killer Sweater

My First Patreon shoot!


Created in Feb 2017 for my Patreon.


Inspired by Fanart by umi_pepo. 

I modified a sweater I bought off amazon for this. 

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Created in May of 2017 for Patreon. 

Modified a bikini from amazon by panting the Yang emblem on it with black fabric paint

Inspired by fanart by Kimmy77

Sunglasses: Dollger Goggle Style Metal Colors Lens Mirror Sunglasses UV400 Protection (Black Lens+Gold Frame)

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Costume inspired from SINccubi's design. Shot for Patreon in March 2018. 

Jacket, shorts and top from amazon:

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Grimm Hoodie

Shot in Oct 2018. 

Grimm Hoodie made by Latest Nebula 

Inspired by fanart by Genjitutohing

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Keyhole Sweater

Shot in May 2017 for Patreon.

Keyhole Sweater was a Mail Monday Gift!

Inspired by fanart by xXhoney-beeXx

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Pumpkin Pete Hoodie

Shot in September 2017 for Patreon. 

Borrowed SparrowStorm's Hoodie for a shoot. 

Inspired by fanart by grapeswithcoffee

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Gym Workout

Shot in 2019 for collab between me and Microkitty for our Patreons!

Costume and wig borrowed from Microkitty cosplay. 

Based off of JLullaby's design. 

Photo by Microkitty cosplay. 

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2016-12-11 11.07.57.jpg

Team Instinct

Closet cosplay thrown together for Pokemon Trainer RWBY group at Paradice City ComicCon 2016

The ultra ball earrings were made by Latest Nebula 

Zapdos plushie was purchased. 

Tshirt was purchased. 


Holiday Spirit

Shot for Christmas cards/set in 2018 for Patreon. 

Hat and shirt from amazon:

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Practice boudoir shoot outfit from Paradice City ComicCon 2016.

Tanktop is from Charlotte Russe 

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Casual Camo with Jacket

Worn to the after party for Paradice City ComicCon 2016. Stuffed a tshirt into the sleeve of my jacket to try and look like a casual Vol 3 Yang. 

Tanktop is from Charlotte Russe 

Jacket and sweatpants combo is from New York and Company. 

2019-02-15 18.58.00.jpg

Casual Leggins

Worn to the RWBY Pj Meetup at Katsucon 2019

Tanktop is from Charlotte Russe

Leggings were purchased.


Work Out

Shot in March 2017 for Patreon

Top and shorts both bought from amazon:

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Shot for Easter/April 2017 for Patreon. 

Costume from amazon:

Pantyhose unknown. 

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Cat Faunus

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Yeti Sweater

Bonus set for the 2017 Christmas Patreon set. 

Borrowed SparrowStorm's sweater for a shoot. 

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Shot for the Christmas 2017 Patreon cards/set

Costume from Amazon: Santa Vixen Wrap around Top and Shorts

Santa Hat was purchased. 

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Christmas Gift

Shot for the 2018 Patreon christmas set. 

Ribbon was from Joanns. 

Lingerie set is from Cassabella. 

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Yellow Babydoll

Shot for the March 2019 Patreon set. 

Babydoll Lingerie from Amazon: ADOREJOY Womens Babydoll Lingerie Set Plus Size Sleepwear(S,Yellow)

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Shot in feb 2018 for Patreon set

Lingerie from Amazon: Aerusi Floral Ruffled Lace Sheer Bra Top Mini Skirt Lingerie Set Babydoll Sleepwear

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