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Class outfit

Technically this cosplay is my first, but I didn't wear it for 5 years after getting it commissioned! Worn to Megacon2014.

Commissioned from lotahk

Homunculus plushie was a homemade gift from a friend

Hair bows and Earrings were made by Latest Nebula 

I bought plastic tubes and potion bottles, and mixed Elmer's glue, water and food coloring for the colors! 


Contacts are Geo Angel Green

Photosets featured in:


Halo 3 (version 1)

Crafted for Omni expo 2016 and won an Award as part of Best Novice Group. Worn this version also to Megacon2016 and  Dragoncon 2016. This costume took about 3 months of work.  

This costume I used a white zentai suit as a base and hand painted with Jacquard Lumiere (blue, teal, and white) acrylic fabric paints that I  mixed to be the correct colors. There were LEDs installed inside the suit as well. 

The wig  was Aphrodite- 15″ Blue Black Fusion with fiber optics installed inside it as well. 

The shoes I just bought some slip on slippers(Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats) and painted to match the suit! 

Face paint: Mehron Paradise in Bleu Bebe

Contacts: EOS Dolly Eye Blue 

Photosets featured in:

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